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Anonymous: Do u have any photos of the boys SWS logo that are behind their ears
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isabella-lies: Interested in Pomona tix for PTV SWS tix. Info?

message eat-my-sshorts for more info

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eat-my-sshorts: Hey. I have two extra tickets to Pomona CA for the PTV SWS tour. Could you let your followers know if they are interested they can message me? Thanks!
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ribellesenzaorigini: This blog is perfect! Can i ask you to make a Gif with satellites lyrics? Thanks if you will :)

yes :)

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Anonymous: can you link me to the fuck speech kellin did? if you haven't done it already can you? pls ilysm

what speech? 

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books-and-bands-equal-life: I love your blog I check it probably twice everyday and do you think you could do a gif where Kellin is singing "They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need"

thank you and yes :)

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