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linksfaerie: Hiii! So on Kellin's youtube channel, he has a video just called "Thank you" and I was wondering if you could make a gif of that adorable smile and laugh he does when he messes up their web address? Please and thanks!

sure :)

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jam396: I literally love tumblr because of this blog. Like this just makes me so happy. I have a bad obsession I think /.\

thank you so much <33

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Anonymous: Do you know what video the gifs of sws in a hotel room with Vic, and Tony like hits them with a pillow?


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restoring-unicorns: YOUR BLOG IS PERFECT OKAY? OKAY.


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hiccstrid12: I was wondering do you know the video of where SWS are dressed up in suits ??

this one (?)

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Anonymous: Could you tell me how to make a gif? I have no idea how


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pierce-the-sleeping-horiizon: do you know any apps that i can download that will let me save gifs onto my phone? :3

sorry but no :c

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