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Anonymous: Can you do some single gifs (like not gifsets) from their Apma's performance? Please and thank youuu

i’m giffing rn :)

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Anonymous: Can you make a gif of the parts in king for a day when Kellin is on the secretary desk singing and can it say "imagine living like a king one day" ??

yes c:

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Anonymous: Can u make a gif of kellin laughing pleaseeee

sure :)

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that4gottengirl: I kno this isnt sws related but can u PLEASE make a gif of Ben Bruce doing that hip shake thing with his guitar at the APMA's? If u don't kno what im talking about look up Asking Alexandria's performance of "Killing You" at the apma's. You'll kno it when u see it

sorry only sws related, but you can request here larisa and nelly make awesome gifs :)

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thug-princess-bitchh: Omg you speak Portuguese too I love you. Ugh sws needs to come to São Paulo 😫😫😫

Yep, they need lol

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