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Anonymous: I usually only follow b&w accounts but yours is so great I had to make an exception.

Thank you <3

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Anonymous: Hey! :D Can you make a gif of 'Alone'? In the second six, I think. When Kellin is looking down and then looks at the camera or window... :3 please dhsfahd

yes :)

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punkrockwallflower: Hai ☺️ Can you make of gif of 'Alone' during the first chorus where he says 'I don't wanna be alone' and when his hair gets blown up and omg I'm rambling bc of hottnedd

http://sleepingwithsirensgifs.tumblr.com/post/52330359974 :)

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Anonymous: How do you make your gifs and get the videos to make them?

I made this tutorial a long time ago but I don’t make gifs this away anymore.  

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young-and-clearly-depressed: Can you make a gif with do it now, remember it later?

which part should i gif?

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sincerelylacie: could you please make one of Roger Rabbit's part "if it aint you, then who's gonna love you?" its my favorite

sure c:

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